Connectivism Reflection

Having access to an extensive network from has really enhanced the way that I learn. As I’ve gotten older, I have realized the importance of networking within the many organizations that I interact with on a daily basis. These organizations include my workplaces, my classroom, my friends and family, my online community and my Walden… Continue reading Connectivism Reflection

The Brain & Learning

This week’s topic in my master’s class is the brain and learning. Although a simple phrase, the brain in relation to learning is a massive, intricate subject that has everything to do with my profession. As a teacher, understanding the brain and how it processes material is extremely beneficial when teaching students. Not all teachers… Continue reading The Brain & Learning

Exploring the Instructional Design Community

As a newbie to the world of instructional design, it is important for me as a learner to explore this new environment to get an understanding of the community and the culture. The e-learning community is a close-knit, supportive family that fosters innovation through sharing and exploring information. The more I delve into the field… Continue reading Exploring the Instructional Design Community